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FORMULA: C48H72O13C2H4NO (Eprinomectin B1a)+C47H70O13C2H4NO (Eprinomectin B1b)

PACKING: 1kg/aluminum bag;
                 5kg/aluminum bag;20kg/fibre drum

ORIGIN:It is a semi-synthesized product of fermented Avermectin B1.Purity of B1 is not less than 90% in dry product. This product is white or light yellow crystalline powder. Its melting point is 163.3-165.7℃ .It is easily soluble in ethanol, methanol, ethyl acetate and the like ,not soluble in water

USAGE: It is not only a broad spectrum and the most efficacious pesticide of Avermectin kind, but also one of the lowest residue of this kind in milk. Trials show that the product with the concentration of 0.1mg/kg or 0.05mg/kg can efficaciously prevent seven kinds of nematodes parasitic on large intestine, small intestine and stomach of cattle and sheep. the efficacy is shown as 97% at least. Eprinomectin is used in beef and dairy cattle to control most Gl nematodes and lungworms and also is effective against biting and sucking lice, chorioptic mange mites, cattle grubs, and horn files. Eprinomectin shows broad-spectrum activity against both endo- and ecto-parasites while leaving minimal residues in meat and milk. Eprinomectin is allowed to use to milking cows and there is no withdraw period

STORAGE: Sealed tightly and stored away from light in a cool and dry place

SHELF LIFE: 2 years

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