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1.8% Avermectin EC
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Pesticide- insecticide

The active ingredient of this product is Avermectin that is both an insecticide and an ascaricide of antibiotics extracted by fermenting is a new broad-spectrum , high effective, low toxin, non-environmental pollution biotic pesticides.

Indications :

This product can effectively control phytophagous mites and other pests such as white spider, pear leaf sucker, spotted miner, red spider, rust mite, cabbage moth, leaf mining moth, cabbage worm, etc. It is a new-type efficient biological pesticide.

Mechanism of disinsection:

By inhibiting the matrices,γ-aminobutyric acid ( GABA ) between motorneurons and muscle fibers, No.3 Ainuochongqing oil emulsion ( 1.8%) makes pests quickly paralyze within several hours, as a result, they refuse food, slacken their motion or immobilize and die within 24-48 hours. Its actionsinclude stomach toxicity and contact poisoning as well as transverse penetration and conduction.

Method of use:

Dilute this product according to the instruction on the label of the bottle and spray uniformly at dusk.


1. Spraying at dusk has the best effect and to spray uniformly is necessary.

2. Protect from light.

3 This product can’t be used more than three times in the fields in the grown period.

4 After taking this product by mistake, take emetine or ephedrine for detoxification.


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